This Is Not The Time To Talk Politics?

I am writing this because I will get many people saying “this is not the time to talk politics”.

In a certain way I agree because ‘politics’ for many people is not how we work together to build society. They see politics as about identifying with and supporting their team, about petty point scoring over people they see as their political opponents. This is true of both ‘right’ and ‘left’ including the more radical groups such as Trotskists, Leninist and Fascists.

There is a lot of political point scoring by accusing those you think oppose your views of political point scoring.

Responding To Risk

We need to look at what has been done, has it worked, if not why not, could it be improved…
I am not too worried about the government needing to apologies for their mistakes but to learn from them.
No person or organisation goes along without making mistakes – we all do – and we need to accept them and learn from them.

If I do some work then I want people to look at it and make useful criticism. If I write a leaflet I pass it around so others can make comments. If I cook a curry I want comments on whether it is too hot, not spicy enough…

One of the reasons I am in favour of democracy is not just because ‘democracy is good’ but it makes better decisions for society as a whole.

‘The Other’ Politics

Then if you want you can start arguing which political party made more is or likely to make more mistakes. This is a very different debate than discussing ongoing policy.


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