Rising Costs of Nuclear Build in USA and Canada

I wrote previously about the delays and increasing costs of Olkiluoto and Flamanville reactors in Europe. Things are not much better – or possibly even worse in the USA and Canada.

There are 6 new plants under construction according to ‘World Nuclear’ every one of these is over budget and delayed. Repair of the Crystal River nuclear plant and the restart of contruction of Watts Bar are also over budget and delayed.

William States Lee III (AP1000 x 2)

The estimate cost has doubled to $11 billion.

Vogtle, Goergia (AP1000 x 2)

The project is nearly $913million (£567million) over the $14billion (£8.7billion) it was originally meant to cost when the go ahead was given in February.

Bellefonte, Alabama (B&W PWR)

The construction of the proposed two AP1000 reactors has been put on hold due to construction delays at Watts Bar

Turkey Point, Florida (AP1000 x 2)

Work on the new plants has now been suspended (http://www.world-nuclear-news.org/NN_Turkey_Point_nuclear_suspension_1410102.html) while the cost of the upgrade of existing plants has increase $600 million to $3 billion(http://therealdeal.com/miami/blog/2012/05/18/cost-of-new-florida-power-light-nuclear-expansion-jumps-600-million/)

Plant Summer, South Carolina (AP1000 x 2)

Plant Summer in South Carolina, expected to cost around $10.5 billion, has seen costs jump by $670 million The first reactor has been delayed from 2016 to 2017 although the second reactor is now eight months ahead of schedule, targeted for early 2018.

Levy County, Florida (AP1000 x 2)

Two new plants were initially ment to come online in 2016-2017 but this has now been delayed until 2024. The initial cost was estimated to be $17 billion but this has now gone up to $19-$24 billion. http://www.world-nuclear-news.org/NN_Levy_nuclear_project_moved_back_by_three_years_0205122.html

Crystal River, Florida

‎”Blatant, legalized robbery” is how state Sen. Mike Fasano, R-New Port Richey, described the nuclear development costs being passed along to customers.

Watts Bar, Tennessee

The cost of completing the plant which was mothballed in 1988 was initially budgeted at $2.5 billion, will cost up to $2 billion more. The project had been targeted to finish in 2012, but has been postponed until 2015.

Point Lepreau, Canada

Point Lepreau has been out of service since March 2008 for a major refurbishment that’s meant to extend the life of the reactor by 25 years.
The project is about three years behind schedule and $1 billion over the original $1.4-billion budget.


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