Olkiluoto and Flamanville – More Defects

Concrete pouring has been suspended at Flamanville due to weld defects. Other parts made by the same manufacturer are now beind investigated. Despite the fact that it could take a year before pouring continues EdF claim that they are still on target for 2016 (original target was 2012)[1]. It is now known how much this will add to the cost of the plant which now stands at €6billion (initial estimate was €3.3billion).

Defects have also been found in piping at Olkiluoto contruction site[2]. Again it is claimed that this will not affect the target of going online in 2014 (original date was 2009).

I also noticed that Olkiuoto 1 plant has now been shut down due to ‘excess moisture'[3] – I have heard that one before.

1 EDF confirms Flamanville in 2016, France3, 20 April 2012
2 Olkiluoto 3 threatens to miss even more, yle UUTISET. 24 April, 2012
3 Olkiluoto 1 shutdown due to moisture observation, Talous Sanomat 13 May 2012

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