Green Party: Updated reaffirming Women’s Sex-Based Rights

SYNOPSIS – Final Text

Sex refers to biology which is immutable , gender is a social construction
Discrimination against women may be based on their perceived sex , however there are aspects of discrimination females face based on sex rather than gender.

To address discrimination it is imperative that accurate sex- segregated data is collected.


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Women’s Rights

The Green Party calls for a review of the language used in law, in government bodies and NGOs to ensure that sex and gender are not conflated, and that accurate terminology is used where relevant which recognises that the category ‘woman’, which was formerly a sex based category, is now, by some parties , considered to be gender based.
When data is being collected and analysed to form policy in relation to women, regard should be paid as to whether the data is segregated by sex or by gender, and sex segregated data must be collected in order to monitor the effect of the alteration in the categorisation of women is having on women

For more background information see the backup paper:


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