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Could you please clarify what part of this comment is libel. The data is taken from

Are you accusing EdF of libel?

Other reports are from here:

National unions and transnational workers: The case of Olkiluoto 3, Finland, Nathan Lillie, University of Groningen

Electrical workers’ union puts in court claims for millions of euros in respect of 115 Polish electricians, SAK (Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions), September 2011

Polish company sacks dozens of organized electricians in Finland, SAK(Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions), November 2011

Olkiluoto kolmonen saartoon (Number three, the Olkiluoto blockade),Verkkolehti, 23 November 2011

Polish Elektrobudowa re-employs the electricians it sacked arbitrarily, SAK (Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions), June 2011

Concrete cover ups and others at nuclear construction site, Helsingin Sanomat, February 201019 Flamanville: a case of modern-day slavery, Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament;jsessionid=E8B202AEDADFBF801960FFACC8F48347?id=135913&section=NER&category=NEWS

Infringement of labour law and social legislation at the Flamanville EPR site, European Parliamentary Questions

Flamanville – One in three workers is … from Eastern Europe!, France Soir, November 2011…-des-pays-l’est- 63542.html

Flamanville EPR: The EDF CGT warning on the importance of social control, l’Humanite, June 2011ôle-social- 474213

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Article Name: Sizewell: New power station set to get go-ahead

Comment: The 25,000 jobs are temporary jobs – lasting on average less than one year. Only 20% of which will go to local people. All this is spread over 17-20 years. The economic impact on the area will be minimal. Will there be a repeat of the working conditions at the other two EPR builds in Europe – Flamanville and Olkiluoto where foreign workers were paid less than the minimum wage and poor safety conditions resulted in three deaths in five months? Reason: – Libel This email and any attachments to it are confidential and intended solely for the individual or organisation to whom they are addressed. You must not copy or retransmit this e-mail or its attachments in whole or in part to anyone else without our permission. The views expressed in them are those of the individual author and do not necessarily represent the views of this Company. Whilst we would never knowingly transmit anything containing a virus we cannot guarantee that this e-mail is virus-free and you should take all steps that you can to protect your systems against viruses. Archant Community Media Limited, is registered in England under Company Registration Number 19300, and the Registered Office is Prospect House, Rouen Road, Norwich NR1 1RE.


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