Nuclear Power

Where Does The Green Party Stand On Nuclear?

While I know many hard-working activists who are involved in The Green Party Of England And Wales (GPEW) (including my girlfriend – we do not always agree), I have come into conflict with GPEW many times in the last 25 years. Although there have been various campaigns where I feel that GPEW has been dishonest […]


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Nuclear Power: Keeping The Lights On??

People in the UK are currently (September 2021) expecting steep rises in the cost of fuel and electricity1, with some fearing the stability of supply2. There have been many explanations for this including lack of wind, increase in gas prices worldwide and problems with importing electricity from France. Not surprising, the nuclear power industry has […]


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Sizewell C 3rd Consultation: Mains Water

Emma Bateman had brought up the question of whether there was an adequate supply of fresh water for Sizewell C in the 2nd Sizewell C Consultation1. However, the question of water supply is not even mentioned in the 3rd consultation. So here is Emma’s response about water supply to the 3rd consultation. The full response […]


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Nuclear Power: Systemic Risk And Climate Change

Summary Humanity faces a large number of challenges in future decades including increasing population leading to increased competition for dwindling resources and climate change. These challenges could lead to ‘collapse of civilisation’ i.e. the complex system of exchange of good and raw materials, energy, food and water would be susceptible to shocks or many even […]


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Sizewell C Second Consultation: Responses

The consultation is now closed. I thought it would be useful for other groups campaigning against nuclear power to see what has been written since a lot of points would be relevant to other campaigns. Several responses are on the Together Against Sizewell C site plus the one from Theberton and Eastbrigdge Action Group.  


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Question: What Is The Meaning Of “cost-effective”

During the recent stage 2 consultation on Sizewell C run by EDF, the company expressed a desire to maximise the use of rail and marine transport options in order to minimise the quantities of freight delivered by road. The consultation document sets out various scenarios for rail and marine freight, and concludes that at least […]


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Mains Water Usage At Nuclear Power Plants

In a recent post we (Emma Bateman and myself) talked about mains water usage at Sizewell nuclear power plant1. This has created some confusing (not least amongst people working from EDF) which this post is intended to clear up. Below is a very simplified diagram of  the water flow in a pressurised water reactor (PWR). […]


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Sizewell C 2nd Consultation: Mains Water

In the 321 pages of the 2nd consultation document there is no mention at all about the use of mains water. When I asked a Sizewell “expert?? during the stage 2 consultation roadshow, he was unaware that Sizewell C would require 1,600 m3 mains water per day, and thought that I was asking about water […]


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Sizewell C Second Consultation: Jobs and Employment

I have written several times about the affect on employment of new nuclear build: ‘Slave Labour’ building nuclear plants, Nuclear Jobs – Boom and Bust in Rural Communities, The local Impact of Sizewell C and D on employment and the economy For more see my page on Nuclear Power and scroll down to Jobs and […]


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Update: The Recent ‘Review’ Of The Hinkley C Project

My last post was about the ‘review’ of the Hinkley C project. I have now received the final decision from the BEIS over my Freedom Of Information request. I have not spent much time looking through the document by a link from a link does take you to some of the related documents. These can […]


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