Odd Socks And The Dangers Of Nuclear Proliferation

Before talking about nuclear proliferation I am going to explain a concept which people may have covered at school – odd socks in a drawer. For some reason all of my socks are odd. How many different combinations I have depends on the number of socks in my drawer. If I have two socks I […]


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Nuclear Proliferation

In light of what is happening in Iran and North Korea it seems strange that there has been very little mentioned about the link between nuclear power and nuclear weapons. There are many countries now talking about becoming a nuclear power. For example Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan says that he wants to  actualize Nigeria’s dream […]


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Thorium and Proliferation

I will probably write about the Thorium cycle a bit more at some later point. There seems to be a growing number of people who say that we can use Thorium as a nuclear fuel. One of the reasons they state is that you cannot make a bomb from Uranium-233 and therefore the thorium cycle […]


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