Climate Change

Climate Change: It is the extremes that kill rather than the average

A lot of the information give about the affects of climate change are about what happens to the average temperature, the average rainfall etc. However, it is important to realise that changes in the average also affect the probability of extreme events much more significantly. This post is not about any particular prediction but is […]


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The Difference Between Weather And Climate

I have had people say to me on many occasions “if they cannot predict tomorrows weather how can they predict climate change”. This is a common misconception that climate and weather are the same thing. Think about heating up some water. As you heat it the temperature increase will not be uniform. The warmer water […]


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The Size Of The Atmosphere

I have had several discussions where people have said that the atmosphere is so enormous than man could not affect it. When you look up at the sky and think about the size of the Earth it is not difficult to see why they think this. I began to wonder what volume it would take […]


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The Earth should emit as much energy as it receives from the Sun

This is something that I wrote quite a while ago. Basically the Earth has to emit as much energy as it receives from the Sun or else it will get warmer. The physics of this is quite well understood. The orgininal question was about using rockets to boost the earth into a higher orbit and […]


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