Big Society – CUT

Suffolk Association of Voluntary Organisations – cut 10%

Supports Suffolk’s voluntary and community sector. Local authority funding cut: £5,695.62.

Relate – cut 10%

Advice to children and families who are undergoing issues within the family or relationships. Local authority funding cut: £3,150.

Lowestoft SLA Volunteer Centre – cut 10%

Part fund the running of a Volunteer Centre to recruit and place volunteers within local, regional and national charitable and voluntary sector organisations.Local authority funding cut: £2,367.1

Citizens Advice Bureau – cut 19%

Provides a free, confidential and independent advice service.Local authority funding cut: £20,000.

Suffolk Sport – cut 7%

County sports partnership for Suffolk. Local authority funding cut: £3,500.

Waveney Crossroads – cut 23%

Funding cut affects carers services. Children and young people’s services unaffected by funding cuts. Local authority funding cut: £41,761.

Suffolk Respite – cut 10%

Provides flexible short break respite services for family carers of people with mental health issues. Local authority funding cut: £58,195.

Suffolk Family Carers – cut 30%

Aims to improve the lives of family carers and to provide information, advocacy and support to family carers of all ages.Local authority funding cut: £330,235.25.

Suffolk Artlink – cut 10%

Preventative activities for over-60s. Local authority funding cut: £1,600.

Alzheimer’s Society – cut 33%

Preventative activities for over-60s, and carers services.Local authority funding cut: £42,460.

Age Concern – cut 19%

Funding comprises preventative activities for over-60s and carers services. Local authority funding cut: £78,482.

Upbeat – cut 55%

Provides exercise, social and health educational activities for those who have had heart attacks or other heart related problems and their partner or carer.Local authority funding cut: £8,250.

Together – cut 10%

Provides a range of services for people with mental health issues. Funding for recovery workers. Local authority funding cut: £21,498.

Suffolk User Forum – cut 10%

Aims to improve the experience of those with mental health issues. Local authority funding cut: £7,110.

Richmond Fellowship – cut 9%

Mental health care Funding for recovery workers and employment support. Local authority funding cut: £52,226.

East Suffolk Mind – cut 8%

Offers community mental health resource centres. Local authority funding cut: £55,291.

East Suffolk Advocacy Network – cut 10%

Independent, user managed organisation committed to the empowerment of mental health service users.Local authority funding cut: £20,550.

Suffolk Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group – cut 100%

Charity dedicated to providing environmental and wildlife conservation advice to farmers and landowners. Local authority funding cut: £3,000.

Suffolk Befriending Scheme – cut 10%

Exists to establish and support friendships and leisure opportunities between people with learning disabilities and other members of the community. Local authority funding cut: £2,400.

Shaw Trust – cut 8%

Works with employers, social services and the disabled to help people with disabilities find employment.Local authority funding cut: £25,905.

DanceEast – cut 22%

The National Dance Agency for the Eastern region. Runs a variety of dance activities open to all. Local authority funding cut: £1,000.


These are just a few of the cuts to local charities (data from .

Despite the Cameron’s statements about ‘Big Society’ the voluntary sector which he praised is now undergoing massive cuts.

These cuts will mainly affect the poor and disadvantaged

Don’t let them get away with robbing from the poor to give to the rich.

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