3500 Tonnes of Spent Fuel may be produced by Sizewell C

I previously did a rough calculation about the amount of spent fuel waste that is going to be generated by Sizewell B (see Spent Fuel At Sizewell B). This is my calculation of the amount of spent fuel at Sizewell C if it goes ahead. The waste will be stored at Sizewell until it is possible to store it in a long term waste disposal site – this is unlikely to happen until sometime next century.

Note that I am basing these figures on that produced by the World Nuclear Association. I Doubt very much that the capacity factor will be 92% over the lifetime of the reactor. However, it gives an idea of the amount of waste produced. It is more than double that produced by Sizewell B if it operates until 2035 (see Spent Fuel At Sizewell B). This is because they are proposing two plants which are much bigger. On the other side it is proposed that more energy will be produced from a given amount of fuel – what is called the burnup. This reduces the amount of waste for a given amount of electricity supplied. However the waste is a lot ‘hotter’ and will create other problems with storage which I may go into in a post in the future.

Value Unit Notes
Thermal power 4590 MWth http://www.world-nuclear.org/info/inf08.html
Number of reactors  2
Maximum power 9180 MWth
9.18 GWth
Energy output per year 3353 GWdays 1 GWday is one GW for one day so multiply by 365.25 days in the year
Capacity Factor 92 % http://www.world-nuclear.org/info/inf08.html
Total Energy Actually produced 3085 GWdays
Burnup 65 GWdays/TU http://www.world-nuclear.org/info/inf08.html
Spent Fuel per year 47.46 T of Uranium Divide actual output by burnup
53.84 T of Uranium Oxide  Multiply by the molecular weight of Uranium oxide and divide by the atomic mass of Uranium
Operational Life 65 Years
Total Spent Fuel over lifetime 3500 Tonnes




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