Email to Journalist:25,000 Jobs at Sizewell?

A recent article in by Archant says that Sizewell will create 25,000 jobs here is my correspondence withe the reporters and


Hi Pete,

EDF predict Sizewell C will create 25,000 during its lifetime. For this to be independently verified at this stage is close to impossible, of course.

You can rest assured if the EDF plan does go ahead we shall be investigating all their claims with great vigour.

In the meantime we will continue to ask questions about the actual likelihood and viability of the plans in the light of recent developments.

Kind regards

Richard Porritt

The number of jobs can be predicted in fact this was done in a report
with data from EdF –
What you have not said in your article is what this figure actually
means – as a good journalist i believe that you should put such figures
in context. What you have done is repeat a meaningless statement by EdF.
As a vital part of the democratic process in this country I feel that
you should take more care about where you get your facts from. Saying
that nuclear new build (if it goes ahead) will create this number of
jobs then this will influence political pressure for new build. However,
this should be compared with the number of jobs that would be created by
the alternatives (as stated in the CITB report referenced).
You should be investigating the EdF claims BEFORE the project goes ahead
I have copied a recent email to my MP which may be of interest.

Yours sincerely

Peter Lux


Thanks for your interest Pete. Your points are noted.


Letter to MP


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