February, 2017

Sizewell C Second Consultation: Responses

The consultation is now closed. I thought it would be useful for other groups campaigning against nuclear power to see what has been written since a lot of points would be relevant to other campaigns. Several responses are on the Together Against Sizewell C site plus the one from Theberton and Eastbrigdge Action Group.  


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Unemployment Benefit: Getting Things Into Perspective

If you ask people what they think the biggest problem facing this country is you quite often get one of two answers. Either it is immigration or it is the problem of people who are living a life of luxury on the dole because they do not want to work. It is important if you […]


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Question: What Is The Meaning Of “cost-effective”

During the recent stage 2 consultation on Sizewell C run by EDF, the company expressed a desire to maximise the use of rail and marine transport options in order to minimise the quantities of freight delivered by road. The consultation document sets out various scenarios for rail and marine freight, and concludes that at least […]


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