October, 2015


A lot of the media coverage of the current situation in Syria is complete drivel which is often just regurgitating the crap spouted by politicians. This is not a full analysis of what is going on in Syria but there are a few points I would like to make. Personally I ignore what is said […]


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What Is Wrong With Austerity In One Graph

I think that this one graph shows what is wrong with austerity. The deficit is not just about government income – it is about the difference between income and expenditure. The massive cuts that the Conservative government has imposed has decreased government expenditure but has a very big negative affect on the economy and hence […]


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Nuclear Disarmament – a naive idea?

Jeremy Corbyn’s statements about scrapping the Trident nuclear weapons system has again resulted in responses that such ideas are naive and a gut reaction that have not been thought through. I have previously written more extensively about this here but I am just going to re-iterate one of the argument. First of all I would […]


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