June, 2015

Mass and Volume of Spent Nuclear Fuel – NRC Response

I recently wrote a post on the Mass and Volume of Spent Nuclear Fuel. Roberto Kersevan pointed out in a comment that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) arrive at a very different figure to myself. I therefore wrote to the NRC to point out their mistake. Here is their response as promised: Peter, Thank you […]


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More About This Blog

I have recently had several comments questioning1 my ‘scientific integrity’ and implying that I have a political agenda. I can assure them that I definitely and unashamedly have a political agenda – if I am not writing about nuclear power I am writing about politics. I am an anti-nuclear campaigner. If I were writing scientific […]


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Mass and Volume of Spent Nuclear Fuel

I frequently hear comments about the amount of spent nuclear fuel for a certain amount of energy. One figure is that it is one pound coin for every household per year. Somewhere else I am told it is 0.3mg per KWh. Others will tell you that you could fit it into the Albert Hall – […]


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Don’t Confuse Voting With Politics

On a recent anti-austerity rally in Norwich some of the protesters had posters saying ‘Get The Tories Out!’. It was good in one way – many of the people passing stopped and asked why we were calling to ‘get them out’ when we had just voted to ‘get them in’. I totally agreed with them […]


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PHP Colour Format Conversion

Allows the setting of getting of colour in various formats: RGB, HSL, CMY and CMYK. The colour is stored as an RGB array. Since RGB to HSL and HSL to RGB conversion is quite heavy it might be better if you also stored the HSL value if it is going to be called frequently. However, […]


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