September, 2014

Putting Thugs In Control

From the media and the announcements of various politicians it is easy to see large areas of Syria and Iraq as being populated only by psychopathic Islamic fundamentalists. However, most of the people there are merely trying to live their lives as best as possible under very difficult circumstances. They want to be able to […]


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Learning The Lessons Of The Titanic

In a recent news article1 about the evacuation zone around Sizewell nuclear power plant Jeremy Western, director of special projects and nuclear new build for EDF, said that the zone was so small because the likelihood of an accident was “exceedingly unlikely”. This is rather like saying that an ocean liner does not need a […]


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Black Holes – Classical Theory

This is just a short discussion about black holes which does not use any of Einsteins complicated field equations and relies (mainly) on school level physics with a few digressions on the way. Escape Velocity First of all I am going to discuss the ‘escape velocity’ – the speed that we would need to throw […]


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