January, 2014

Odd Socks And The Dangers Of Nuclear Proliferation

Before talking about nuclear proliferation I am going to explain a concept which people may have covered at school – odd socks in a drawer. For some reason all of my socks are odd. How many different combinations I have depends on the number of socks in my drawer. If I have two socks I […]


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Sellafield Leak

It is being reported on the news today1 that elevated radiation levels have lead to the partial evacuation of the Sellafield site. This reminded me of a Norwegian study2 of the affects of a leak from the Highly Active Liquor tanks at Sellafield – hopefully this is not what has happened today. Note that the […]


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Future Electricity Costs

I have been asking DECC via my MP how they justified the £92.5/MWh strike price for Hinkley C. Although it is difficult to project future energy prices it has been done by DECC1 and I have shown the various scenarios in the graphic below. Note that these prices are not adjusted for inflation. As you […]


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Amritsar – Forgotten History

It has been reported recently that the British may have played a role in the 1984 Amritsar attack1 and David Cameron has ordered an enquiry2. However, few if any mention has been made in the press about an even more horrific attack at Amritsar in 19193. 15,000 – 20,000 Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs had gathered […]


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Capacity Factor Learning Curve

The learning curve for nuclear power plant operation can lead to a slow increase in capacity factor. However this leads the nuclear industry to be ‘locked in’ to existing technology. The graph below shows the average capacity factor for all US nuclear plants by year. Capacity Factors for US Nuclear Plants1 You can see that […]


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Capacity Factors

I was just going to explain briefly about what ‘capacity factor’ was but while I am on the subject I decided to make a couple of other points. What is ‘Capacity Factor’ It is the amount of energy produced by a power plant divided by maximum possible. For example if a plant is theoretically able […]


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