December, 2013

Spent Fuel Pools – Sizewell/Hinkley and Fukushima Unit 4

Originally I was going to write something just about Fukushima Unit 4 Spent fuel pond. There has been some reports about ‘the end of civilisation’ if the fuel pond fails. I thought this is a bit of an exaggeration. To put it in perspective I worked out what the area would need to be evacuated […]


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Energy Density of Uranium

I am writing this because it is mentioned in many children’s science books and on the Internet. This is the fact that one kilogram of Uranium can produce millions of times more energy than something like coal (83,140,000 MJ/Kg for Uranium 235 compared with 24MJ/Kg for coal). However this is very misleading. I will be […]


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Problems with risk calculations

While we are often told that severe nuclear accidents are ‘impossible’ (which itself is impossible – maybe a subject of a future post) a more reasonable response is sometimes an ‘expert’ from the nuclear industry will quote probabilities and risk factors. Here is a quick post about why those risk assessments are wrong or misleading. […]


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