November, 2013

Nuclear Jobs – Boom and Bust in Rural Communities

As noted previously EdF claim that new nuclear build at Hinkley or Sizewell will lead to 25,000 temporary jobs. 25,000 temporary jobs created also means 25,000 temporary jobs lost at some point. This leads to a ‘boom and bust’ in the local economy. It is difficult to predict what the overall economic affect of  the […]


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How The ‘Generic Design Assessment’ Has Failed

The Generic Design Assessment (GDA) is a process which was set up in order to examine the designs for new power stations and iron out any flaws in them before the power stations are constructed. Allowing the regulators to get involved with designers at the earliest stage was supposed to ensure an open and transparent […]


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Emergency Planning – lessons not learnt from Fukushima

As a consequence of the events in Fukushima, the plans for protecting communities around Sizewell power station in the event of an emergency are being revised. Responsibility for the drafting of the emergency plan falls to the Suffolk Resilience Forum (SRF), a multi-agency group that provides strategic and operational guidance on the planning for the response to a […]


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25,000 Jobs

Almost without fail when the possibility of new nuclear power stations at Hinkley or Sizewell are mentioned it is stated that ‘they will create 25,000 jobs’. The local paper called it a ‘jobs bonanza’ – however, it equates to the equivalent of 12 permanent jobs per year for local people over a nine year period. […]


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