November, 2012

TASC Leaflet – Meeting Our Energy Needs

This is a copy of the leaflet produced for Together Against Sizewell C ( The leaflet can be downloaded in pdf format from here. Before We Begin Electricity is less than 20% of our energy needs – we use oil for transport, gas for heating etc. So if we had 20% of our electricity produced […]


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3500 Tonnes of Spent Fuel may be produced by Sizewell C

I previously did a rough calculation about the amount of spent fuel waste that is going to be generated by Sizewell B (see Spent Fuel At Sizewell B). This is my calculation of the amount of spent fuel at Sizewell C if it goes ahead. The waste will be stored at Sizewell until it is […]


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The Economics of Nuclear Energy – British Energy History

I thought it would be good to have a look at the economics of nuclear power by having a look at the history of ‘British Energy’. If you want a general overview have a look at New Nuclear – The Economics Say No1. When the Central Electricity Board was privatised in the 1990s it was […]


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