October, 2012

Using Energy and Thermal Efficiency

This is a follow on from my previous post – Energy and Temperature and looks at how we can extract and use energy from a system and what constraints there are in terms of efficiency. Energy Differences Let us consider two water containers. We have just filled one with water and it connected by a […]


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Energy and Temperature

First of all I am going to talk a bit about energy. It is not going to be a scientific analysis but is designed to give you a feel about how energy behaves. We are going to do a Gedankenexperiment (thought experiment). Let us consider a pool table with no pockets. Also the pool table […]


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What Do We Use Energy For?

We would like to refer to proper studies on what is our energy use. Unfortunately most of the studies are based on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions rather than energy. Although the two do not correlate exactly1 in some places we are going to use CO2 emissions as a proxy for energy consumption. This should not […]


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Nuclear Power – Try It and See

A lot of people see nuclear power as a well understood and scientific persuit. Well it is not. It is akin to alchemy. Let us take the example of the pressurized water reator. They tell us that they simply pass ‘water’ through the reactor for cooling and as a moderator. Sounds fine but is it […]


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Is Wind Power Ineffective and Costly?

There has been another spate of articles about wind being costly and ineffective. How much do subsidies for wind cost? Well according to the London School of Economics about £6 per year on the average household bill1. This is slightly lower than the estimate of £7.74 given by the RenewableUK2. These figures also ignore the […]


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Site Hacked

My site was hacked last night – sorry for any inconvenience but it is now up and working as usual.


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Financing Nuclear Build

I have been having a quick look at the cost of nuclear power compared with wind, solar, CHP etc. However, I have many problems many problems in the data used. So here are a few points that need to be taken into account. Interest During Construction If you are building a nuclear power station you […]


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