July, 2012

Fukushima Health Effects

There has been a large increase in the number of abnormal thyroid growths found in children near Fukushima1. The normal rate would be less tha 1% 2 but the study found a rate of over 36%. There has been an increase 12.5% in the mortality rate3 in the area around Fukushima – that is 12,695 […]


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More on Sizewell ERC Consultation

Previously I posted the response from EdF about the public consultation about the Emergency Response Centre (see Sizewell B Emergency Response Centre public consultation). I noticed in their documents that the 1953 completely cut off the area where Sizewell A & B stands from the mainland. Taking their 1 in 10,000 flood risk of 4.18m […]


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Rising Costs of Nuclear Build in USA and Canada

I wrote previously about the delays and increasing costs of Olkiluoto and Flamanville reactors in Europe. Things are not much better – or possibly even worse in the USA and Canada. There are 6 new plants under construction according to ‘World Nuclear’ every one of these is over budget and delayed. Repair of the Crystal […]


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Sizewell B Emergency Response Centre public consultation

Here is the responses to my questions at the consultation. I have now posted their response to my response to their response to my questions here. From EDF 2012-07-04 Dear Mr Lux Re: Sizewell B Emergency Response Centre public consultation Thank you for your additional questions on the Sizewell B Emergency Response Centre (ERC). We […]


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