June, 2012

US Legal Challenge to Onsite Waste Storage

A Federal Appeal Court in the USA has ruled that nuclear regulators did not fully assess the risks associated with allowing utilities to store their spent fuel onsite for decades longer than originally intended. SENTELLE, Chief Judge: Four states, an Indian community, and a number of environmental groups petition this Court for review of a […]


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Paper Sizes

Paper Sizes Here is a list of paper sizes – see further down for how this is calculated. Paper Size Width (mm) Heigh (mm) A0 840.9 1189.2 A1 594.6 840.9 A2 420.4 594.6 A3 297.3 420.4 A4 210.2 297.3 A5 148.7 210.2 A6 105.1 148.7 A7 74.3 105.1 A8 52.6 74.3 Zoom Here are the […]


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The local Impact of Sizewell C and D on employment and the economy

Key Matters of Concern: At present it is not clear if Sizewell C&D or any other nuclear power station will be built in the UK. People are being encouraged to prepare for jobs that may never exist. EDF has claimed that ‘25,000 new jobs’ will be created through the new build at Sizewell. This figure […]


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A talk by David Graeber on his book ‘Debt the first 5000 years’ (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Debt-The-First-000-Years/dp/1933633867).


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