The local Impact of Sizewell C and D on employment and the economy

Key Matters of Concern:

  • At present it is not clear if Sizewell C&D or any other nuclear power station will be built in the UK. People are being encouraged to prepare for jobs that may never exist.
  • EDF has claimed that ‘25,000 new jobs’ will be created through the new build at Sizewell. This figure is based on temporary jobs of only one years duration, and represents an equivalent of only 580 permanent jobs.
  • Once the power station is operating, it is calculated that 900 permanent jobs will be created, leading to an overall figure of 1,480 jobs. This equates to an increase of just over 2% in employment in the Suffolk coastal district council area over a 15 year period
  • This increase is small compared to the growth that an equivalent investment in renewable and other local industries would bring to the area- investment which would lead to a steady increase in permanent jobs rather than a ‘boom and bust’ increase in temporary work.
  • The short employment period for construction workers at the site means that it would be unsuitable for young people wishing to develop a career in this industry sector. They would have to relocate to find further construction projects.
  • Nuclear plants are currently being built at Flamanville and Olkiluoto for edf. These are supposed to be flagship projects, however severe concerns about workplace rights and health and safety have arisen at both sites. Reports suggest that workers have been paid below the minimum wage, and there have been three deaths in five months at Flamanville.

Full report is here


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