Sizewell C Second Consultation: Responses

The consultation is now closed. I thought it would be useful for other groups campaigning against nuclear power to see what has been written since a lot of points would be relevant to other campaigns.

Several responses are on the Together Against Sizewell C site plus the one from Theberton and Eastbrigdge Action Group.



3 Responses to “Sizewell C Second Consultation: Responses”

  • john says:

    Never was going to be built, there will be no new nuclear anywhere in UK.
    All planned new builds will collapse, excuse will be – lack of finance as world fiat currencies start to fail.
    National Grid is being dismantled and soon to be revealed power shortages
    Fossil fuel generation will be abandoned and power generation will be left to totally inadequate renewables
    The only reliable renewable source is tidal and they have made sure that this technology goes absolutely nowhere.
    Want to survive in the future – move to a city – 100% renewable power- supplied by private companies.

  • Dr Timothy Norris says:

    Have people forgotten about the Fukushima Dai’ichi accident? Long after the World War I and World War II have been forgotten into the “mists” of history, the Fukushima Dai’ichi site will still be leaking contamination into the Pacific Ocean. The World population is contemporarily mesmerized by trivia over social media, and has forgotten that mankind is just one species that should be in biological balance with a remainder of nature on Earth. Pursuant to Olduvai Theory (Dr Richard Duncan et al.), energy-per-capita throughout the World is now falling that will lead to an economic slump World-wide and a crash in human population as human society descends into chaos. Thus, in view of conventional nuclear power being questionable technology (namely a technology that has associated therewith a concurrent risk of explosion and production of highly toxic reaction waste products), the logical conclusion is that Sizewell C most definitely should not be built, and alternative safer technologies sought instead.

    • Pete Pete says:

      The consultation is only about local issues and not whether nuclear power as a whole is a good idea in general since the UK government has already decided that it is and the consultation responses must be seen in that light.
      Personally (and I think this is the view of many people who have responded to the consultation) I think the consultation is a sham. However, it has provided an increased local interest in the subject which has allowed us to get some of the more general issues across.

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