The Problems In Ukraine

The image on the right shows the voting pattern for the 2012 Ukrainian elections. The blue is for the ‘Party of Regions’  and the magenta is for the Fatherland Party. With the poor state of the economy the two opposing parties have advocated two different approaches. The Party of Regions has advocated closer ties with [...]

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Deterrence: Terrorists

First of all it is important to point out that nuclear weapons are terror weapons. They have limited military value and are design to kill large numbers of civilians. One of the problems is that deterrence does not work if you do not know who attacked you. It could be a non-state player or a [...]

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Nuclear Deterrence: Cuban Missile Crisis

I am not going to give a full account of the crisis since it has been detailed elsewhere1. However I would like to point out the following points. The US had a long campaign against Cuba including sponsoring the ‘Bay of Pigs Invasion’ The US had previously moved nuclear weapons into Turkey which threatened Moscow [...]

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Nuclear Weapons: Ending The War With Japan

Ending The War With Japan First of all some pictures: You may think that these are pictures of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. However, they are  Tokyo and Osaka after bombing in 1945. In fact at least 66 Japanese cities were bombed before the dropping of the atomic bombs killing more people than the atomic bombs. This [...]

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Nuclear Weapons: Keeping the peace for 60 years?

One of the arguments for nuclear weapons is that they have ‘kept the peace’ for the last 60 years. Deterring an event is not the same as stopping it. It is possible to deter crime but all that means is that you hope to decrease the probability of it happening. There may be a deterrence [...]

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Witch Burning and Nuclear Deterrence

This is the first in a series of posts about nuclear deterrence. Although there are records of witch burning in Europe since very early there was a peak in the 17th century. Manuals on witch hunting including the Malleus Maleficarum (Hammer of the Witches) were printed, witch hunters appointed and many people (mainly women) were hanged [...]

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5 March 2014, Norwich, England I am giving a talk about the link between nuclear proliferation and nuclear power in Norwich, England on the 5th March 2014 at 7:00pm. It is called “Nuclear power, Trident replacement & worldwide nuclear proliferation” and is at the Vauxhall Centre, Johnson Place, Norwich NR2 2SA. The talk is being [...]

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Odd Socks And The Dangers Of Nuclear Proliferation

Before talking about nuclear proliferation I am going to explain a concept which people may have covered at school – odd socks in a drawer. For some reason all of my socks are odd. How many different combinations I have depends on the number of socks in my drawer. If I have two socks I [...]

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Sellafield Leak

It is being reported on the news today1 that elevated radiation levels have lead to the partial evacuation of the Sellafield site. This reminded me of a Norwegian study2 of the affects of a leak from the Highly Active Liquor tanks at Sellafield – hopefully this is not what has happened today. Note that the [...]

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Future Electricity Costs

I have been asking DECC via my MP how they justified the £92.5/MWh strike price for Hinkley C. Although it is difficult to project future energy prices it has been done by DECC1 and I have shown the various scenarios in the graphic below. Note that these prices are not adjusted for inflation. As you [...]

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