Christmas: A Good Time To Hide A Consultation

The Stage 2 Consultation for the proposed Sizewell C nuclear power station runs from 23 November 2016 until 3rd February 20171. As with the Stage 1 consultation this runs over the Christmas / New Year period. In affect this significantly cuts the consultation period due to the disruption caused by the extended holiday period. The […]

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Sizewell C 2nd Consultation: Mains Water

In the 321 pages of the 2nd consultation document there is no mention at all about the use of mains water. When I asked a Sizewell “expert” during the stage 2 consultation roadshow, he was unaware that Sizewell C would require 1,600 m3 mains water per day, and thought that I was asking about water […]

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Sizewell C Second Consultation: Jobs and Employment

I have written several times about the affect on employment of new nuclear build: ‘Slave Labour’ building nuclear plants, Nuclear Jobs – Boom and Bust in Rural Communities, The local Impact of Sizewell C and D on employment and the economy For more see my page on Nuclear Power and scroll down to Jobs and […]

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Not Believing Your Own Eyes

We all tend to live in a very small bubble of people we socialise with (both face to face and via social media) and of the locality and workplaces we frequent. This can give us a very distorted data about the world we live in. It is therefore often important to look at the ‘bigger […]

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Update: The Recent ‘Review’ Of The Hinkley C Project

My last post was about the ‘review’ of the Hinkley C project. I have now received the final decision from the BEIS over my Freedom Of Information request. I have not spent much time looking through the document by a link from a link does take you to some of the related documents. These can […]

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The Recent ‘Review’ Of The Hinkley C Project

In July 2016 the UK government announced a ‘review’ of project to build the ‘Hinkley C’ nuclear power plant1. In September 2016 they then announced the go ahead for the project2. I was, like many other people, interested in the details of the review but unfortunately it has not been made public. I therefore sent […]

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EU Expenditure – £350m per week

A few days ago on Question Time1 on the Michael Gove was asked “what billion are we talking about, is it a million million or a thousand million?”. He was not able to answer. This shows how numbers are bandied about with neither the person using them or the audience knowing what they mean. One […]

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A lot of the media coverage of the current situation in Syria is complete drivel which is often just regurgitating the crap spouted by politicians. This is not a full analysis of what is going on in Syria but there are a few points I would like to make. Personally I ignore what is said […]

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What Is Wrong With Austerity In One Graph

I think that this one graph shows what is wrong with austerity. The deficit is not just about government income – it is about the difference between income and expenditure. The massive cuts that the Conservative government has imposed has decreased government expenditure but has a very big negative affect on the economy and hence […]

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Nuclear Disarmament – a naive idea?

Jeremy Corbyn’s statements about scrapping the Trident nuclear weapons system has again resulted in responses that such ideas are naive and a gut reaction that have not been thought through. I have previously written more extensively about this here but I am just going to re-iterate one of the argument. First of all I would […]

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